Our Search Process

1.      Pre-Search Planning:

Interview all team members involved in decision-making process to gather maximum input and gain overview of organizational culture.

Position Description of functions and requirements

Set up project schedule and target all sources for candidate & organization list.


2.     Identify Candidates & Assess Candidate Viability:

Candidate interviews-in person, research & reference checks, networking dialogues for further research


3.     Evaluations and Selection of final candidates for Presentation to Hiring Team or Board:

Often 2nd interviews happen here. Short list of Finalists are presented.


4.      Final Negotiation and Decision:

With full team participation & interaction. Offer is presented to candidate.


5.     Follow-up, Feedback and Processing:

For Organization and Hiring Team to integrate changes and impact on team members. Ongoing Performance Evaluation though not formalized through feedback and measurement tools.